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Activities involving the use of mercury [Art. 18, Mercury Regulation]

Dataset Evaluation

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2-yearly report submitted under Article 18 of the Mercury Regulation (EU) 2017/852.

The report includes:

  • (a) information concerning the implementation of the Regulation;
  • (b) information needed for the fulfilment by the Union of its reporting obligation under Article 21 of the Minimata Convention;
  • (c) a summary of the information gathered regarding large-scale sources;
  • (d) information regarding mercury located in the territories of Cyprus:
    • (i) a list of sites where stocks of more than 50 metric tonnes of mercury other than mercury waste are located as well as the amount of mercury at each site;
    • (ii) a list of sites where more than 50 metric tonnes of mercury waste is accumulated as well as the amount of mercury waste at each site; and
  • (e) a list of sources supplying more than 10 metric tonnes of mercury per year, where Member States are made aware of such sources.

The reports are prepared in Excel format and can also be found (in excel, xml, and html) on the EIONET CDR platform: 

Field Value
Organization Τμήμα Περιβάλλοντος
Release Date
POLYGON ((31.801219 34.402189, 31.801219 35.902215, 35.005389 35.902215, 35.005389 34.402189, 31.801219 34.402189))
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English (United Kingdom)
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Aglaia Georgaka
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